ALL NEW UPGRADES as of 6/27/2013

  • Yugioh is now available for USA Customers to Optimize on
The Cart OptimizerTM scours ALL of our online sellers and rebuilds your cart with the cheapest available combined Product + Shipping cost.

(Currently the Cart OptimizerTM only works for Magic: the Gathering, Yugioh & Cardfight Vanguard singles for Buyers located in the United States)

The Cart OptimizerTM saves you time and money by finding you the best OVERALL price for your order, factoring both the costs of the items and the various shipping costs that each Seller charges. Additionally, the feature factors in any shipping bonuses gained through some Sellers who offer TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping.

When you hit the Optimize Button you will be taken to a page that combines all of your items by product name. Any eligible products to be optimized will be checked. All checked products will be replaced with their cheapest available versions based upon your settings for Sets, Type & Conditions!

The Cart OptimizerTM then reassembles your cart doing the following:
  • The Cart OptimizerTM reassembles all of the checked products to find the absolute lowest price for those items from ALL Sellers and rebuilds your cart with the cheapest possible combined Product + Shipping cost.
  • Any non-Checked items remain in the cart untouched.

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