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Have Want Trade
Have Want Trade Name Game Set Low Mid High
100 Buried Alive MagicWeatherlight$1.85$3.33$5.90
100 Gempalm Polluter MagicLegions$0.05$0.24$3.00
100 Call to the Grave MagicScourge$0.55$0.95$3.99
100 Undead Warchief MagicScourge$3.86$5.28$7.07
100 Vengeful Dead MagicScourge$0.01$0.26$2.80
100 Whispersilk Cloak MagicDarksteel$0.23$0.49$3.00
200 Paradox Haze MagicTime Spiral$1.43$2.36$6.15
100 Death Baron MagicShards of Alara$17.00$20.91$26.39
100 Lich Lord of Unx MagicAlara Reborn$10.50$15.00$19.00
100 Mage Slayer MagicAlara Reborn$0.58$1.25$2.79
100 Unscythe, Killer of Kings MagicAlara Reborn$0.94$1.59$3.59
100 Bloodchief Ascension MagicZendikar$3.46$6.95$9.67
100 Duplicant MagicArchenemy$2.25$5.91$9.97
100 Life's Finale MagicNew Phyrexia$0.79$1.96$4.99
100 Rune-Scarred Demon MagicMagic 2012 (M12)$5.00$7.32$9.98
100 Cemetery Reaper MagicMagic 2012 (M12)$1.70$3.34$5.01
100 Rooftop Storm MagicInnistrad$0.70$1.22$3.12
100 Endless Ranks of the Dead MagicInnistrad$3.49$5.41$11.99
100 Zombie Apocalypse MagicDark Ascension$0.50$1.50$4.99
100 Diregraf Captain MagicDark Ascension$0.15$0.33$2.00
100 Psychic Spiral MagicReturn to Ravnica$0.10$0.23$1.17
100 Mind Grind MagicGatecrash$1.49$1.97$3.76
100 Army of the Damned MagicCommander 2013$0.99$2.03$3.30
100 Altar Of Dementia MagicConspiracy$2.00$2.99$3.99
100 Jace, the Living Guildpact MagicMagic 2015 (M15)$1.13$2.69$5.00
100 Gravecrawler MagicDuel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed$3.00$4.43$6.04
100 Unbreathing Horde MagicDuel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed$0.39$0.85$1.81
100 Tireless Tracker MagicShadows over Innistrad$2.21$5.03$9.99
100 Cryptbreaker MagicEldritch Moon$1.24$2.64$9.99
100 Verdurous Gearhulk MagicKaladesh$4.89$6.64$24.99
100 Authority of the Consuls MagicKaladesh$0.75$1.70$4.25
100 Insidious Will MagicKaladesh$0.10$0.30$1.50
100 Dread Summons MagicCommander Anthology$0.88$2.34$4.99
100 Torment of Hailfire MagicHour of Devastation$1.18$2.52$5.50

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