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Highest Sales Volume

Shipping cards to TCGplayer means 100% of those cards can be available to be promoted as TCGplayer Direct eligible, increasing your sales significantly!

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Fastest Payment

When you receive an online order it is flagged for payment that day. There's never been a faster way to be paid on TCGplayer!

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Lowest Costs

Ship products to TCGplayer on your schedule, Bi-weekly or Monthly. This helps you take advantage of labor efficiencies at the largest scale possible.

GAMA 2020 Announcements

Unlock the highest sales volume, fastest payment, and lowest costs with TCGplayer Direct. New enhancements announced at GAMA.

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Inventory on Demand with TCGplayer Buylist

Refill your inventory easily by accessing cards from players all over the country.

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Pay What You Want

Set the prices you're willing to pay, and we'll promote your Buylist so players who want to sell their cards can find you.

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Sit Back and Relax

Let us handle the hard stuff - We'll make payments, check card conditions and handle customer service for you.

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Replenish Direct Sales

Use your Buylist inventory to automatically replenish the cards you sell through TCGplayer Direct.

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