We ship out. You stand out.

The most efficient way to sell Magic: The Gathering cards to your customers.

Start Selling with TCGplayer Direct

TCGplayer has built one of the largest and most efficient shipping centers in the world, just for collectible gaming. With TCGplayer Direct, we send out cards on your behalf and provide 100% coverage for lost packages, condition disputes, and more.

Lower costs.

List your cards and set your prices. As orders come in, we use our own inventory to ship out cards on your behalf. When the time is right we’ll ask you to send us your copies of the sold cards.

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Cards from Sellers in TCGplayer Direct are featured items within our marketplace. You’re seen first when Buyers browse cards and fill their cart, making bigger sales a snap.

Peace of mind.

Our dedicated customer service team handles everything from fraud to lost packages, giving you complete peace of mind from any of the hassles usually involved with running an online storefront.

We ship out. You stand out.

Customer Service

Our own dedicated customer service team handles everything, which frees you up to focus on running your own store.

Global Marketplace

TCGplayer Direct International puts global customers within your reach for the exact same costs as shipping within the United States. Your cards get shipped for the same amazing rate - no matter the final destination.

Seller Tools

Update your prices with a click, view your order history with customizable filters, sync your inventory with third party platform support, and more.

Lower Fees

With fewer packages to ship out and our shipping replacement fee taking the place of your own costs for stamps, envelopes, and other supplies, TCGplayer Direct leaves more money in your pocket on every order.

Seller Newsletter

Be the first to hear about new promotions, projects, and plans from within TCGplayer, and never miss an opportunity to list new products or take advantage of an upcoming set release.

Discount for In-store Events

TCGplayer Prize Wall games are a great way to attract players to your store. Enjoy a special discount on kits available only to Direct Qualified Sellers.

Inventory on demand.

Any player in the world can walk into
your store and sell you their cards.

No risk. All reward.

ROI from the moment you purchase
a kit.

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