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The TCGplayer Buylist delivers some of the best prices for Magic cards in the market today.


Quickly find cards you want to sell and we’ll match you with the best offers available.

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Get offers from hundreds of stores, ship your cards to one location.

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How it Works

Step 1. Set up your account.

Login to your account and visit the TCGplayer Buylist.

Step 2. Create a Buylist offer.

Select Create Buylist. Search for the products you’d like to sell, see the best prices being offered, and add those items to your Buylist Offer. Click Checkout to submit your Buylist Offer.

Step 3. Ship your Buylist offer.

Pack everything up securely, add tracking, and ensure the package arrives at TCGplayer within 4 days from when you originally submitted the offer.

Step 4. Get paid.

After your order has been received and validated TCGplayer will deposit your payment right into the account.

Helpful Information to Get you Started

Condition Guide

Ready to sell your cards? Use our handy guide to determine the most accurate condition for your cards.

Shipping Guide

Ready to ship us your cards? Here’s how to prepare them for shipment to

Buylist Help Center

Need additional help or information on how to use the TCGplayer Buylist? Visit our Help Center to learn more.

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