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24/7 Order

Orders arrive to customers safely and on time. We also condition every card that passes through our warehouse.

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Outstanding Customer Service

We handle refunds, lost packages, condition disputes and more, and you'll get a Customer Success Manager for support.

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The First Seller People See

You have a chance of showing up in the TCGplayer Direct Spotlight, which helps new customers find your store.

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Building Your Reputation

Your feedback rating improves with every successful Direct order - and we'll take responsibility if there's ever a mistake.


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Store Your Products with TCGplayer Direct

Unlock the highest sales volume, fastest payment, and lowest fees.

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Now Shipping More Than Just Magic!

TCGplayer Direct will support Pokémon this April and Yu-Gi-Oh! this June.

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Grow sales beyond your walls, power up your store with Pro and store your products with Direct fulfillment.

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Streamline every aspect of selling trading cards online with TCGplayer Direct, our order fulfillment service.

Get More Online Sales

Customers prefer Direct, and you'll likely see online orders increase 3x after joining.

We've Got Your Back

Our team is passionate about gaming and knows your products inside and out.

Fewer Packages to Ship

We package and ship your online orders to save your business time and money.

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