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TCGplayer's sales are powered by the nation’s local gaming stores. With people taking necessary social distancing precautions during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, local game stores are feeling the financial pressure and turning to TCGplayer to help keep the lights on. You can help too! There is no better way to do it than boosting their online sales.

How to Shop Local Game Stores

Click on the Find a Seller button within the filters menu, this will bring you to a search page which will allow you to find an LGS by clicking Certified Hobby Shops.

List of steps to shop local online. 1. Click Find Seller 2. Check Certified Hobby Shops 3. Start Shopping

"Great news - this is going to be our primary source of income here at Legions for the next 2 weeks."

—Robert Pernell

"Chedy Hampson, keep it churning. Thank you!"

—Matthew Unterman

"The plan now is to work on getting my whole 900,000 card inventory on the site over the next few weeks rather than just a few hundred at a time so being able to keep my employees with a job and work on that will help.”

—Chris Panzone, In The Zone

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