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From time to time, TCGplayer is featured in news stories, both in print and online. When possible, we like to share these stories with the gaming community, as they offer a unique perspective on the people and programs that make TCGplayer tick.

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J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge - Syracuse

June 7, 2016

The 2016 J. P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is in the books. TCGplayer was proud to participate in one of Syracuse’s biggest business community events, play Magic and wear capes that flew us into the photos and finishes of the community. We’re looking forward to bringing even more amazing employees to Onondaga Lake in 2017!  Read More →

TCGplayer, funky Syracuse company, finds gold in Magic, Pokemon games

by Rick Moriarty, Syracuse.com, January 17, 2016

A little-known Syracuse company is turning the dragon-filled worlds of Pokemon and other trading card games into a booming business.

Taking a high-tech approach to a low-tech industry, TCGplayer.com has created an online marketplace for collectible gaming cards. In a world where video games get most of the gaming industry's attention, TCGplayer has cut a niche for itself by becoming both the eBay and Amazon.com of the $1 billion trading card industry.  Read More →

At TCGplayer, 100 Percent of employees say their workplace is great.

by A Great Place to Work® Institute, May, 2015

The Great Place to Work Institute determines the best workplaces in the world. We invited them to survey the employees at TCGplayer and the results are available right here.  Read More →

Chedy Hampson uses 'quest for knowledge' to learn leadership and propel his fast-growing company

by Stan Linhorst, Syracuse.com, May 15, 2015

Chedy Hampson is founder and president of TCGplayer.com, a Web-based marketplace serving people who buy and sell collectible gaming cards. These are fans of games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and HeroClix.

The company has grown in the last few years from a half-dozen people to more than 60, mostly working from the 10th floor of the State Tower Building in Syracuse.  Read More →

CenterState Economic Champion

by Centerstate CEO, CEO Essentials, May 2015

TCGplayer is on the cutting edge of the collectible gaming market. With a modern-style, open office located in the heart of downtown Syracuse, TCGplayer is quickly becoming the largest shipping hub in the country for this rapidly expanding industry.   Read More →

Conjured Currency #53: TCGplayer Tour!

by Douglas Johnson, Brainstorm Brewery, March 5, 2015

Due to the fact that I'm within an hour's drive of the TCGplayer headquarters, and because I'm apparently a vocal member of the community, I was recently invited to take a tour of the place. I also got to have a sit-down talk with the brains behind the organization that provides us with a tournament series, articles, seller storefront, and so much more.   Read More →


by Joe Cunningham, Syracuse New Times, September 16th, 2014

What if you could create your own dream job? Chedy Hampson did.   Read More →

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